can this pc run new games like far cry 3 and battlefield 4.

on what setting and fps can it run on. if you have a better build below 800, please suggest
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  1. Yes it can play those games, most probably at high settings.
  2. Try this:

    Please don't double post.

    $255 for a MoBo that can't SLI / CF or overclock (only one x16 and one x4) ? I'd go $285 for one that you can.

    $125 for ya case / PSU combo ? How about $ 3 more for the Corsair 500R w/ TX650 ?
    $190 - $40 MIR - $10 off w/ promo code EMCXSVR23, ends 5/1 on PSU and - 10% off ($12) w/ promo code CORCASE10, ends 5/2 = $128
  3. I really hope it's just a coincidence that your build is exactly the same as another guy that's apparently been spamming the same question.
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