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I have an HP media center model m7367c. I wish to upgrade OS to windows 64bit. I currently have enough memory but would like more. Can I update motherboard to one like mine (asus p5lp-le (emory) that will allow more memory. I'm fine with the pentium D 930 cpu. Motherboard must handle same equipment and fit same space. Yes I did ask about the operating system up date and thank all for the response.
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    Asus P5LP-LE supports maximum 4GB of DDR2 RAM which is fair enough with your current spec. And for your 64bit OS(guess it is Win7), 4GB is fair enough, unless you are going for Video editing kind of works.

    You can update the motherboard as you asked.
  2. Thanks,akashdeep. With that I belive I will stick with the new disc and windows 7 84bit. If I find a Later need I may then look into mobo update. ( or maybe a newer computer,
  3. make that 64bit
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