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Hey everyone, i've got an ASUS M5A78L-M LX3. I want to know 3 things about it.
1st: Will it "survive" if i throw 16gb of 1333 ram at it cus i've heard people saying that it will die.
2nd: I want to get a FX 6300. Will it support it?
3rd: I also wanna buy a SAPPHIRE Radeon HD7850 1Gb. Same question, will it handle it?
Thanks for all the replies.
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  1. Yes to all. Asus's web site shows compatability with 8 Gb sticks and the 6300 with the 14.01 BIOS. So long as your PS is appropriately sized their is no reason you can't use the 7850.
  2. thanks a lot. now that im more confident, im just gonna buy all this hardware. thanks again
  3. If your buying the MB new it is likely to come with the newest BIOS, but you may want to ask the retailer to check on the box to make sure it is not old stock. Someone buying this with an older cheaper Phenom II could use an older BIOS, but you need the newest BIOS or updating the BIOS can sometimes require an older CPU to get the system started so that the newer BIOS could be installed. Sometimes older BIOS's will work with new CPU's in a limited fashion and sometimes not, so be careful. I am quite sure NewEgg will check this for you if you ask.
  4. btw, could you suggest me a decent PSU for all this stuff?
  5. I prefer Corsair after reading many PS reviews. Personnally, I prefer to go a bit bigger than you need simply because the PS's are are much more efficient when they are putting out closer to half of their rated power. You could go with a TX or CX 600 watt version even though a 500 watt would probably work fine. But all things being equal a smaller supply will run hotter and use more power to make the output wattage than a bigger version. It may seem counter intuitive, but if you read enough reviews you will see it is true. A Very high quality 1200 watt PS will consume less power at the wall putting out 500 watts than a mediocre 600 watt PS putting out the same 500 watts. I recently got a Corsair AX750 Gold which has a fan that is supposed to turn on when it starts getting hot and it rarely turns on. My older PS was a Thermaltake 600 watt, which worked fine, but it ran very hot all the time. I consider the PS too important to buy the cheapest that will work.
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