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i've just bought the maximus v formula MOBO 2 days ago . installed window 7 home edition and others utilities in the disc that come with the mobo. i then plug in antennas and started connecting to the network. the connection was inconsistent for some reason. i thought it might be the antennas problem so i tried directly wired but still the connection was unstable. however when i test it on my old PC, the connection was all fine. i believe it was not the modem/router fault but something's wrong with my new PC. Any1 have any idea?
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  1. Did you UPDATE the drivers?

    You should only use the drivers that come with the motherboard to get something working if you can't find the driver for it. They will be old and out of date, and you need to go to the Asus website and get the new drivers for your motherboard.
  2. i tried updating the wireless version but not the rest as there are too many things listed and i dont really know what they do
    still the problem persist and no changes
  3. Try turning your modem off for five minutes, then plugging it back in; that should tell you if it's an issue with it or not.
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