What PCIE version is my Micro ATX Motherboard?


I'm planning on buying a GPU (EVGA GTX 650Ti) and it says it it is PCIE 3.0 x16.

I know my motherboard PCIE slot is x16 but it doesn't say if it's a 1.0,2.0...?

This is my motherboard:

Please help and tell me if my system is compatible with the gpu.

My system specs:

Thank you
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  1. it doesn't matter what PCIe version you mobo long as it has a X16 slot your good to go. and pcie 3.0 is backwards compatible with pcie 2.0
  2. You will be fine even if it is PCI-E ver. 2 which I think it is. PCI-E ver. 3 has more bandwidth but no GPU even out now will use all of the bandwidth of PCI-E ver. 3 so you will be fine. The think I would worry about is the 350watt PSU in that system is on the low side. And most of the pre-built system only put in PSU's just large enough to handle the power of the system as it comes from the factory.
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    The 780G chipset supports PCIE version 2 so you'll be fine.
  4. like bryonhowley said, your PSU is your down side. Nvidia recommends atleast a 400 watt psu. with this 350 watt PSU you maybe JUST able to run the 650 ti. i suggest upgrading the PSU to atleast 400 watts.ive calculated and found that your power consumption would be about just over 300 watts on load. so your 350 watt PSU will hold it but i still recommend getting a 400 watt PSU.
  5. Thanks for the help all of you. Yes I know that about my PSU. I'm going to get a CX600w PSU from Corsair just incase I upgrade sometime in the future.

    The differences between the specs posted above and the ones now are...

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate
    4GB RAM
    Nvidia 7300LE (9500GS burnt out)
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