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So, I recently bought all the parts to a new custom build computer. I have run into a big problem.

My motherboard M5A 78-m LX PLUS supports 1833mhz 1600 and 1333 ram.
my cpu 4x 954 phaneom be only supports 1333ram.
ok, no problem, in motherbaord settings i can downgrade to 1333 to work with my cpu.

Then I bought 2x4gb vengance 1600 mhz ram like new inbox. so i got everything inplace started up my windows 7 set up 1333 ram updated windows and all 7850 graphics updated.

Then I start surfing the web i get unexpected shutdowns alot! Lots of error!
I also get the blue screen of death memory management also system exectuion error bsod.
I figured it must be one of the faulty memory so i put one of the 4gb ram out and run only one, one works great then i put that one out and put the other one in and i get blue screens and stuff errors* in different pcie slots the good one on the left and the i guess bad one on the right.
I also tryed to check if it might be the motherboard.
So I used the good one in the right and the bad one in the left and everything seemed to be running good?
Anything im not seeing here?
Is it just fauly memory ?
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  1. It's usually best to use memory from the motherboards QVL (qualified vendors list) usually found on the motherboard download page. Some motherboard are picky about the order and placement of the ram sticks. You might want to run memtest86 with each stick separately to find out if it really is bad memory. If it's bad, return it to your vendor.
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