Router can't turn ON. help!!!

I tried upgrading the firmware of my engenius ESR6650 router, but it was interupted. Now the lights won't even turn ON. I notice the lights on the LAN cable connector on the pc is blinking when I connect the router to the pc via ethernet cable. But when I try to connect to the web GUI, it still can't connect and the lights on the router still won't turn on. I'eve tried hard reset, but still... nothing! Please help, anyone, help please! Is there anyway I can recover the router? Maybe using Putty or a similar software? Help please!
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  1. If a firmware upgrade interrupted, generally it will bork the equipment, the firmware contains the lowest level instructions for operating the piece of hardware. Unless the manufacturer will take it back and can manually flash it, you are likely out of luck. The instructions for upgrading the firmware are corrupt and you cannot simply re-flash.
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