Where is it safest in my house to build my computer?


As a first time builder, I am really worried about my upcoming build. I have ordered all the parts and am wondering where to build my computer so that it is safe from static electricity and other dangers.

I live in an apartment that has wall-to-wall carpeting so the only room without carpet is the kitchen. I was thinking of building my computer on a wooden table that has its legs on carpet though. Would this be safe?
I will be wearing an anti-static bracelet if that makes a difference.

I am just worried about my MoBo being fried from static electricity.

Also, should I wear surgical gloves or something so my skin does not make direct contact with the material.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. As long as you are wearing an anti-static bracelet you should be fine. For added security, touch the case for your build every so often as this will discharge any electricity. You might not want to walk around too much while building your system, as this will cause a charge. Keep in mind you should plan to be working on it for about 2 or more hours. Hope this helps!
  2. I built my PC on a wooden table sitting on carpet, I just unfolded my case box and laid it on the table to protect the table. I also used an electrostatic wristband, and occasionally grounded myself anyways on the rear of the case. Also, do not rest your components on top of their electrostatic bags, use the cardboard MOBO box or something, the interior of those bags are static resistant but not the exterior.
  3. kitchen table. avoid carpet. thats about it
  4. Kitchen table is fine. As far as being safe, well.... you need to ask your wife first.
  5. If you're that concerned about static you shouldn't be. Static is only a serious risk when your system is powered on. When building your system as long as you're building on a clean surface you should be fine. If you're really concerned throw a plastic chair mat down on the area you'll be working in.
  6. the main concern that i would say is small screws flying everywhere
  7. I used a magnetic screwdriver and could not be happier I did, from my reading, it does not have enough charge to damage any components on the MOBO.
  8. don't drag your feet on the carpet
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