Is my PSU fan blowing air in or out ? What should i do with the other fans?

Yesterday i bought a new PSU wich has a fan on the bottom (seasonic s12 II bronze) and idk how to put the fan on the back of my pc (120mm) and the one on the cpu cooler(coolermaster hyper tx3 evo) cause idk if the one on the PSU is blowing air in or out the case (its one of the super silent ones) , right now the so called air flow in my case looks like this -
wich i think can harm my psu if its geting all the air thats supposed to go through it .
So, what exactly is the PSU fan doing and how should i position the other fans?Should i turn them around ?Or i should remove the 120 mm fan ?
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  1. Your case should have a vent so you can put the psu upside down, intake fan on the bottom and exhaust fan on the back. If you don't have the vent to mount the psu that way then right side up is fine, you can't possibly mount it backwards. Since heat rises you want intake fans in the front, bottom, and sides and exhaust fans on the back and the top.
  2. The only way i can put the PSU is with its Fan pointing down and the only place it can be puted is on the upper left side (like i showed on the picture .. :D)

    What i wanted ask in my previous post is - Is the PSU blowing air In or Out the PC cause if its suckng air from the case the way i puted the cpu cooler's fan and the 120 mm fan on the back of the pc (showed on the picture ..) is going to be wrong .
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    The fan in the psu is design to draw air into the psu and the higher air pressure inside the psu will force the sai out the back of the psu. The hard rule is to make sure the psu fan can draw air into the psu. So don't block air flow into the psu. It can draw air in thru the vents on the bottom or top of the case or air from inside the case.
  4. The psu takes air in the bottom and out the back. The back and the top of your case should only be used for exhaust. Every other side is for intake.
  5. Then i should remove or turn around the fan at the back cause the psu fan is practicaly fighting for air with it (the arrows are the air flow .. :D) its geting too noisy with it anyway
  6. If that's a picture of your case the psu's fan needs to be facing down towards the inside of the case. The psu fan can only face up if there is venting for the fan to draw in air.
  7. Do you think thats a good fan setup ? (i think the 120 mm fan will get dust inside , but idk ..) and yeah like i said in 1 of my pevious posts that my case inside is 80-85% identical (few minor things are different)
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