HP Pavilion Slimline cannot recognize USB wireless adapters

Hi - my HP desktop now will not recognize USB wireless adapters. It used to do so just fine. Now only a hardline connection to the internet will work. I've tried installing several different types/manufacturers but results is same - software installs, but adapter not recognized by Windows 7.

The wireless adapter is a Dlink 130 paired with a new wireless N dlink router. All other devices in the house connect without an issue - two ipads, two laptops, one smart phone. Just the desktop cannot connect. The desktop sits a room where cables cannot be run and the house is very old so it is not wired for anything.

Appreciate any help the more knowledgeable can provide.
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  1. If I were you I'd be in contact with HP.
  2. ram1009 said:
    If I were you I'd be in contact with HP.

    HP's phone support is going to be a waste of a few hours of your life you'll never get back. Hour waiting on hold, an hour of them giving you basic steps from a computer script that won't solve it.

    OP, does Windows install the drivers, IE, you can see the wireless adapter in the device manager? Sounds like the entire wireless service is shutoff or corrupt for some reason if the drivers are installing. I'm not on a machine with wireless right now, but I'll check on the services later when I am. I assume you have tried different USB ports as well?
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