Haswell Socket 1150 and Memory Limitations

Looking at existing offerings, it would seem to me that the launch 1150 haswells are not designed to take 8 DIMMs and will thus be limited to 4 DIMMs and 32GB. is this correct?

I am guessing, because one needs the 2011 pin count i7-3* for 8 DIMM slots.
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  1. it has been the case after the core2's, so maybe its the same for haswell
  2. what has been the case? that one needs a few hundred extra pins to address 8 DIMM sockets (i.e., 2011 instead of 1155), so the right inference is that with 1150 pins, 4 DIMM sockets will be the max?
  3. That sounds about right, though I'm not sure what the size limit will be. I doubt any LGA 1150 mobos will even have 8 RAM slots.
  4. It's dual channel and 2 dimms per channel. It's been like this for a long time. There is really no need for the mainstream segment to have more.
  5. ahh...but I am not mainstream. I run R, which is a memory pig for large data sets.

    thanks. off to purchase one now then.
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