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rendering on pc or mac

i want a rendering system
i am confused with these

i7-3930K Processor system with 16 gb ram and asus Rampage IV Formula Motherboard
mac book with retina display i7 quad core
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  1. does the rendering software you want to use favor mac or pc? Is it only available on 1 or the other? Rendering is a broad term.
  2. 3ds max , maya , after effects
  3. Software won't favor an os. The 3930k is 6 cores @ 3.2ghz while the macbook is a newer gen quad core @ 2.4 or 2.7. The newer architecture doesn't make up for 2 less cores and that much less ghz.
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    There's no reason to ever, ever purchase a laptop for rendering purposes. Go with the desktop instead.
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