G850 suddenly running slow...

So when I turned my computer on today (intel g850, 8gb ram, radeon hd 7750, on a gigabyte ga-h61 motherboard) suddenly my video games were running really slow. I installed cpu-z and i notice that every five seconds or so my core speed drops from nearly 2900 to around 1596, the multiplier goes from 29 (max) to 16 (min)

is this a motherboard or cpu issue? Did I fry something?
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  1. core temperature?
  2. realtemp is telling me 76c

    that sounds ridiculously high...
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    Intel lists the maximum as:

    TCASE 69.1C

    So it's throttling down to keep from frying.

    The heatsink may have come loose or you need better airflow in the case.
  4. The heatsink popped right off like the damn thermal paste wasn't even on it. cleaned it off with articlean and reapplied artic silver 5. Core temperature went down to around 40-45 range, but processor still powering down every now and then. I feel like I burned the damn thing out.
  5. It's possible you have some permanent damage. At least if you're gonna fry a CPU you picked a cheap one to do it with. :)
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