Which keyboard to get?

Hi, on May 4th (this Saturday) I'll be building a decent gaming rig. I bought a razer naga and now I think I need a keyboard. So, I have a budget of around £90 for a decent gaming keyboard and I have found these two:



These two look really nice but I'm not sure which to go for. I like the cyborg because of the metal, diffferently backlit keys and macros on either side but I also like the logitech for the LCD screen and choice of colours to light it up.

I don't know which one to go for, or maybe something else completely...

Thanks, Rage
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  1. well it comes down to your choice lol, do you need a lcd screen? Would it be a eyesore when you're gaming and you have to advert your eyes from your monitor to see it? really it's up to you and from what i read on the reviews with the logitech, it doesn't sound bad, but it looks like there might be issues with its basic design (buttons sticking, power issues, and the pressure needed for a keystroke)
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