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Greetings, and pleasant evening.

I am in need of desperate help, as I could not figure this out on my own for a long time by now. I'm sure however, that countless people will find this topic useful, if we can work out a solution.

I need to set up a virtual HDMI input to a Notebook. That's it, seems impossible.

We are talking about unprotected content here, such as a HDMI output on another computer.

My example involves a Desktop PC with an unused physical HDMI output, and a Notebook that needs to use that Input for display - only there is no physical input on the Notebook. The Desktop PC should also recognize the virtual HDMI input on the Notebook, and offer desktop mirror, extension - like for a standard screen.

The data is transferred on a 1000mbit/s cable connection between those two bad boys.

To begin, is there software that is ready to do this somewhere hidden? I could not find any.

I will infinitely appreciate any and all help, only by reading this you are helping me out in a very difficult situation of mine.

Have a lovely evening.
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  1. What kind of frame-rate, and resolution are you expecting?

    1000 Mb/s = 125 MB/s
  2. Need the model of your notebook please.
  3. i8myhippo said:
    What kind of frame-rate, and resolution are you expecting?

    1000 Mb/s = 125 MB/s

    That is a useful tool, thank you.

    As a fully working virtual HDMI input, it should match the streamed frame-rates per second of the utilizing object (screen, for example: 75Hz = 75 FPS), and resolution. Like native (for example: ) screen, the Virtual HDMI input is recognized by the operating system, thus it allows both resolution and refresh rate (FPS) adjusting.

    Because even the really fast 1000Mbit/s is dwarfed by the 10.2Gbit/s maximum bitrate of a true HDMI connection, some tradeoff is evident. Either permanent compression, or decrease in resolution/refresh rate.
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