ALL Nvidia Drivers Fail to Install

I've tried several different driver updates for my Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 graphics card, and all fail to install. I've uninstalled it multiples times, and done a few malware scans and registry cleaners. They all don't work.

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  1. I would first run Driver Sweeper from Safe Mode (F8) and have it remove any AMD, Nvidia, and ATI graphic driver remnants it finds in the registry and elsewhere. If, after a re-boot, you still can't install a gfx driver, I would think the card may have failed.
  2. if you have a prebuilt system (HP, Dell, Sony...) you need to get the driver from them. They often use a modified version.
  3. Like, during installation you get a message that the install fails?? Not sure exactly what you mean.

    If that's the case, make sure you've selected the correct 32 or 64 bit install to download.
  4. @clutchc
    I did exactly what you said, and it didn't work.

    This is a homemade system.

    It finishes extracting, then goes to the splash screen. Immediately after the splash, it says installation failed and every item on the list says failed.
  5. Then I would consider the card being bad. Have you tried another card in the slot?
    Just to eliminate the possibility of a virus, run a FULL virus scan with your virus pgm.
  6. There were 7 viruses, and they were taken care of. I tried to update it, it still didn't work. I don't get it.
  7. Does the card work with the Windows driver for that card? If so, which driver does it say is loaded for the card?
  8. The card works, it's version 311.06.
  9. If uninstalling the graphic driver and running Driver Sweeper from Safe Mode won't let you install the latest driver, you may have to do a clean Windows install. (I presume you are trying to install the correct driver for the correct card and O/S.)
  10. That's the only way?
  11. Make sure your installation of Windows is fully updated and if that doesn't work still then you could always try deleting all the Nvidia .dll files from the system32 folder and then installing the driver.
  12. PCNewb87 said:
    That's the only way?

    You could first make a disk image in Windows Backup. Then do the clean install. If the clean install fails to allow you to install the latest driver, you can always use the image you made previously to return your system to the way it was. The only thing you'll have lost is your time.
  13. I have a computer exhibiting the same symptom.
    Nvidia Driver Failed to install.
    At first I thought it was a bad vcard but I tried swapping his 9800GT with a 560Ti I had laying arround with the same results.
    I tried resetting system bios to default settings with the same end result.
    I suspect the motherboard at this point but since the system is 5years old swapping that may lead to more headaches than I'm willing to go through.

    I just going to build a new system and circle back on the other systems motherboard replacement later.
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