2 computers, 1 wireless router, 1 router/modem Network problem

I have one laptop connected to a netgear n750 router connected to a dg864 router/modem and a PC connected to the dg864.

Both can surf the net but they can not see each other.

I have a hdd connected to the n750 which the lap top can use but the PC can't see the hdd at all

I'm at my wits end on what I'm doing wrong.

Any help would be fantastic.
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  1. Why not connect BOTH the laptop and PC to the same router??
  2. It's simple, connect the pc to the netgear router. All devices need to be on the same router otherwise you just complicate things.
  3. I would connect everything to the router but they are at either end of the house. I have the n750 wireless router and hdd in my media room hard connected to my xbox, tv and pvr. While my modem/router connected to my pc are in my office. I have just seen the sticky thread about allowing xp and vista to share media so ill give this ago to try to resolve the issue.
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