Blu-ray drive won't read certain blu-rays (Sony BWU-500S)

I have a Sony BWU-500S blu-ray player on Windows 7 and while it does seem to play most blu-rays fine, there are certain ones that I have a problem with.

The ones with a problem, I can't open them with Totalmedia Theater (cannot open disk) and I get an error when I try to rip with AnyDVD. Creating an MKV with makeMKV does work on the disks with issues but I don't want to have to create an MKV just to watch every disk that won't load.

I have tried updating my drivers but that doesn't help. Is this drive out of date? I think I bought it 1.5-2 years ago. Do I need to buy a new one?

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    Try updating the drives firmware first. They are up to 2.63 I beleive
  2. I've tried that, but same issue. Is it possible the drive is out of date? Or there's some sort of protection on the disk?
  3. So I bought a second drive and I am still having the same issue. Could it just be a new form of protection? The blu-ray was just released this month.
  4. That could be the case, they are always trying something new. What title is it? I would google it to see if others are having the same issue.
  5. I found the problem. One of the programs I was using installed a bad driver that messed up my other programs as well. Uninstalling fixed it.

  6. Nice find!
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