high temperature and activity Radeon HD6800

What can I do about high activity and temperature of my Radeon 6800?
when my pc is just started i get a temperature of 73° (without any program running) and according to the Catalyst center my activity is 93% the fan is also working at an average speed of 45%

thank you :)
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  1. Is this an APU based system, are you using the stock fan, which are ok but 3rd party coolers like Hyper212 Evo will be better.
  2. But the strange thing is: I just reinstalled the drivers, and the activity has dropped now to 2% but when I restart my pc it's the same thing again. so could it just be a problem with the software, or my pc?
  3. Check task manager and see if anything is hogging cpu time, apart from the idle process.
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