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Hey Guys!

I am in great need of help deciding on which monitor I should buy. Everywhere I look I see conflicing reviews of various monitors and monitor types. I have a GTX 670 SC 4GB and I play games like League of Legends, Bioshock, and other FPS games. I've considered getting a 120hz monitor as I would appreciate the speed enhancements and 3D capability but overall I feel I wouldn't notice it enough to purchase that over a ips 2560 x1440 monitor. I've always had a 60hz monitor and I've liked them perfectly fine. Do you think that is a fair assesment?

So, I'm leaning towards purchasing an ips 2560 x1440 monitor. I will be replacing my televeision with this monitor, and since this higher resolution and panel would offer me better quality, I think I would enjoy it more. It would also give me more workspace when I am creating 3D graphics and testing game levels.

Unfortunately, I've read so many good/bad reviews of monitors that I have no idea which one I should buy. Could you guys please recommend and link me to which monitors you think are the best? My price range is up to $700.
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  1. Higher rez > Refresh rate. I have a 1440p monitor and its gorgeous. I've used both a 120HZ panel and I own a 1440p panel, and to be honest, I didn't notice the difference from 60 FPS to 120FPS until I came back home and went on my 60HZ monitor. Its smoother, but it really depends on how one perceives it. You may perceive no difference.

    If you want quality brands, look for something in the range of an Asus PB278Q, which I believe is up to around $650 around about now. If you want cheaper you can take the risk of getting an IPS panel from Korea, which take A- Grade panels from the Apple Cinema Display. Be warned if you purchase it. You get a warranty if you buy from good sellers, but it only has a warranty for a single year.

    The PB278Q is known for having large amounts of backlight bleed. Also if you live in America, wait for a deal for a Dell 27 inch to go down to around $640, happens quite frequently. Although that has a coating of AG coating (Anti-Glare), while the Korean doesn't. Having too much AG can cause colours to look slightly washed out, but still brilliant in comparison to TN panels.

    I'd recommend a 27inch from Dell when its on sale, or an Asus PB278Q.
  2. ^+1
    I think JJ1217 already explained it very well... :)
  3. So something like this,

    However people right in the reviews on that page are talking about two big issues with the monitor. Same with the asus one. Looks like I get backlight bleed either way?
  4. It depends. Backlight bleed isn't obvious ALL the time, it depends where it is and what colours are on the screen. Sometimes you can only see the bleed in completely black circumstances, such as in a game loading screen or elsewhere. 90% of the time I'd think you wouldn't see it, and if it was truly that bad, Asus/Dell should cover it I would think.3
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