i can't seem to find my motherboard bios anywhere please help.

although my mobo is old it's the jw c61s/v(t) i can't find it's bios. i was planning to upgrade it 'cause the jack for the mic won't detect anything and hoping that upgrading the bios would help me.

i have updated all of the drivers and nothing works. help me please. :??:

i opened up my case and found out that my motherboard is emx-mcp61s-avl
i tried using their site to upgrade my sound drivers. but, still, no mic is being detected. help. :pt1cable:
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  1. Upgrading the BIOS would most probably not solve the issue.
    Did the jack work, or it's the first time you try it?
  2. i don't think so. i tried plugging in the green male jack to the pink female jack to see if the wire is broken but still it won't detect anything. :/
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