Laptop GPU Thermal Cleaning Problem

I opened my laptop to clean/reapply thermal for CPU/GPU as I was getting high temps and it's going into summer.

I've done before once so I had some idea what I was doing. However, I had huge problems and laptop wouldn't boot due to overheat so had to reapply.

I think the problem is there's a flexi-plasticy cover that goes above the GPU Chip, leaving the center exposed where thermal compound is meant to be applied, and this cover has come loose. Normally it's stuck down. I tried to position it the best I could and just close it back up again, but it's not stuck down.

Example of covered chip:

Example of no cover on chip:

What is this cover called? Where can I find a replacement or what can I use to stick it down again to safely cover the chip? Or do I remove it completely and leave the chip exposed?

I did not take pics of my own laptop and I'm scared to open it again and break it, seeing as it didn't boot once and it's booting now. GPU is running 80C-85C under load, which is slightly too hot for my liking but I'm worried I will break it if I try anything.
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    That plastic is to protect the GPU chip from the thermal paste that is applied. I guess it's mainly to protect it from the thermal paste that they apply from factory since it's often some cheap stuff, which is electrical conductive. But it's probably also to protect it from users applying way too much thermal paste. The plastic cover does nothing for the heat transfering from your GPU. As long as you don't make a big mess when applying thermal paste you don't need it.

    BTW if you apply just as much as the guy on the picture you are applying way too much in my opinion.
  2. Thanks for reply. So it wouldn't be a problem to remove the cover? There is some thermal paste on the chip itself, it's gotten under the cover. If I'm careful I can remove this without damaging things?

    I'm using Arctic MX-4 so it's not the same as the cheap stock ones. Also, i had read for laptops it's better to spread the paste in a thin layer so that's what I did. And it's less than in the pictures there yeah, looks like too much.
  3. No it won't be a problem. It won't affect your laptop's perfomance in any way. Yes you can remove it. Try using a cotton swap for example.

    Well there isn't a "correct" way to apply thermal paste as such. There are quite a few opinions on that matter. You have probably already read most of the tips there are:)
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