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I have a Xeon E3-1245V2 with P8B75-M LE build i use.It is using the stock paste and cooler.Copper version.
Question 1,if i get a Hyper 101 do i have luck cooling the cpu passively?Also if yes,more heat with no fan power or less heat with fan power is more energy saving?
My parents have an i3 2120 with Biostar H61MGV as a youtube machine.It is also using the stock paste and cooler.
My parents need an extra youtube machine and i have a spare gateway SX2850.With some AVC Cooler and unknown paste.
second question,should i put the copper stock cooler after hyper 101 upgrade into the SX2850 with i3 540,or the 2120 for better cooling?
Also for the other cpu should it use the AVC or the other stock cooler?
Also should i get a deep cool gammax 200 cooler with CM ic value V1 or the essential e2 or 300 cooler without paste(so other boards will not have cooler 'upgrade'?
Also what is the paste included with the hyper 101?and is the separate paste more than the bundled paste?And which paste is better?
Thanks in advance.
The xeon is underclocked to 2.3ghz,the i3 2120 have ht disabled.
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  1. I am fairly sure you will not be able to passively cool the Xeon with any cooler unless you have good case fans to maintain the airflow making it pointless and the 101 is nowhere near up to the job. If your parents PC is running fine I would leave it as it is.
  2. Ok,then. I will actively cool with the cooler i am going to choose.
    Which is better?
    Hyper 101 with given thermal paste.Is it value v1 or essentials e1?
    Gammaxx cooler 200 with preapplied paste
    Gammaxx cooler 200 with essentials e2
    Gammaxx cooler 300 with preapplied
    Gammaxx cooler 300 with HTK-002 paste
    Also should the copper stock cooler be swapped with the youtube machines?anyway the sx2850 thermal paste dried up and also the stock paste sucks.
  3. The Gammex 300 should be the better cooler as it uses 120mm fans and has 3 heat pipes compared to the others 90mm and 2 heatpipes. I don't think the thermal paste will make more than 1-3C difference. As for the i3s do they need better cooling if not I would leave them.
  4. Well the i3 540 have 70+ tdp.So does it need copper core?but the avc cooler is much have aluminum core and is cheap looking.
    So any thermal paste do the job?
    So is this going to be a good decision:
    Install gammaxx 300 into xeon with preapplied.Install copper stock into i3 540 with htk002 paste.
    Leave the 2120 alone.
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