Rear Audio Jacks not working correctly.

my smaller brother removed my headphones to put his own headphones in the rear audio jacks. He didn't read the prompt that came on screen and pressed ok regardless. Now my headphones do not work nor any other audio devices plugged in to the rear audio jack. Microphone test confirms that the microphone jack still works. Unplugging them and plugging them back in does not prompt setup again. Headphones just do not work

sound card:SoundMAX Intergrated HD Audio. "working"
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  1. Can you go into the audio properties and set them back to headphones? It might think there are amplified speakers in there now.
  2. No it doesn't think anything is there at all. Like i said there is no prompt at all. The front jack still works but i don't like using them due to a minor (unrelated) hardware fault which reduces sound quality. I have tested the Headphones themselves and confirmed that they work fine. I have also tried other speakers and headphones in the green rear jack, no success. If i plug them in the front jack there is sound but no setup prompt.
  3. It is not detecting the Headphones. It thinks "speakers" are plugged in and WONT detect anything else i plug in....
  4. Quote:
    Can you go into the audio properties

    Which means actually go into the audio properties. Not wait for a prompt.
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