GTX 780 is going to be 700-800 bucks instead of 500-600, what the hell nvidia?! not a nvidia customer anymore.

Me and 2 of my friends has always been nvidia users and we couldn't wait for the new 780 that was coming out rumored to be 500-600 dollars but than today we founded out the price is going to be 700-800 if not higher? seriously? me and my friends are now going for radeon 7970/7950, way way cheaper for power. You just lost three customers and i hope more of you reading this will do the same. If you keep on buying the overpriced nvidia cards than they are just gonna keep charging higher and higher and if AMD runs out of business, what are we all gonna be forced to buy at that point...thats right nvdia's overpirced cards. I should had never supported nvidia in the past and now i know why.
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  1. Like you said, the prices are only rumors. Just wait until the card is actually released. If you really think 3 customers is going to make a big difference for a company like Nvidia, think again.

    AMD will not go out of business any time soon, so there's no need to worry Nvidia will get a monopoly on the GPU market.
  2. If AMD ges out of business it will be in the CPU market, not in the GPU. This generation has been great and has gotten them many customers like you who were loyal to Nvidia. Personally I don't think one is better than the other, but we all want the best GPU at a price we can afford. So if they make a great 780 and it's worth the $300 above a 7970 or a 680 they will sell it. But I certainly doubt the price will be that high. At that price range you'll probably be better off buying 2 670 or 7950 and get similar of not better performance.
  3. Far as I'm aware, ATi is still its own company under the brand of AMD, and the way the business is structured it keeps AMD proper and ATi separate. So if the AMD company collapsed, ATi could easily be sold off to someone else (Intel maybe) or become an independent company again. Dont think there's much chance of Nvidia monopolizing the GPU market.

    Also everything about the next gen is all rumours, wouldn't put much stock in them given it doesn't seem the next gen will be released until next year.
  4. just wait and see when the real stuff coming out. before 680 comes out there are a lot of talks about the card will be priced well above 7970 MSRP if 680 able to beat 7970 even slightly. but to be honest i wouldn't be surprise either if 780 will priced at 800 :D . anyway this thing about 780 are only rumor. they say it will come out sometime this month but there is no buzz or tease from nvidia themselves yet.
  5. Until AMD releases its 8000 series Nvidia will charge a premium "monopoly" price for their high end GPUs. AMD did the same when they released their 7000 line ahead of the Nvidia GTX 600 series. Get your panties out of a wad Sally. No one will hold a gun to your head to force you to buy Nvidia.
  6. No point listening to rumors. Nvidia arent stupid, they wont price them selves out of the market
  7. Who knows, the new GPU might perform significantly better 700 bucks would be a little overpriced... but it wouldnt be all that bad, like they said, lets wait till it comes out, Im an AMD guy myself :P
  8. Yes just wait until the card is released and benches are published, that being said if they are basically rebrands then based on there clocks it should be pretty easy to see where they fall with there current products.
  9. It's not going to be $700, they are just rumors... Nobody absolutely knows what the card will be priced at.

    As technology grows, older technology looses value. chances are the 600 series cards will drop 20% in price and the 700 series will take their place.

    my guess:
    gtx titan 2.0 $1000
    gtx titan $800-900
    gtx 690 $800-900
    gtx 780 $500-600 (depending on 3gb or 5gb cards)
    gtx 770 $400-450 (again depending on memory)
    gtx 760ti $300-350
  10. ikaz said:
    Yes just wait until the card is released and benches are published, that being said if they are basically rebrands then based on there clocks it should be pretty easy to see where they fall with there current products.

    It will most likely be a revision of the kepler tech. Maybe a die shrink and a clock speed increase, along with some minor improvements. Similar to the 400 series -> 500 series.
  11. die shrink? that's impossible. another die shrink from tsmc will not come anytime soon. no exact words when tsmc will be ready for their next die shrink but most expect they will come up with it next year. all rumor that i can find about 700 series is it will be using current kepler silicon. the flagship will be based on GK110 that used in Titan. 770 will use the same silicon as 680, the GK104 with minor tweak.
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