D630 - MB better with INTEL or NVIDIA GPU?

I have an Intel 965 chipset / GPU in my Dell d630 now, but I have access to a free board with the NVIDIA GPU. I also have access to the NVIDIA heatsink, as I know this chip runs hotter.

So, which is the better board? I will be running Win 7 x64 Pro. Want it for graphics editing (Photoshop, etc). Not a gamer, not going to game on it, but I do want the best graphics this old dog will put out.

What do you think??
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    The Nvidia Board without a doubt, it`s much more powerful graphic wise.
  2. Thanks. Would you happen to know if it will take the newest driver, or will I have to source anold one?
  3. WHat`s the name of the GPU ?
  4. I think it is the NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M
  5. WHat kind of driver are you looking for? ODE Graphic driver, performance driver, etc..?
  6. Well, I checked the Nvidia site and yes, there are recent drivers for that GPU, so I would say yes.
  7. I had heard to only use the Dell branded drivers.... is there a specific reason, or can I just get the most recent driver?

    I am l;ooking for a good performance driver, no o/clocking
  8. If it's a Dell branded Quattro I would suggest using their drivers. Otherwise the newest nVidia drivers will probably work. Sometimes dell designs the cards to work best with their own drivers.
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