CPU cooling in an NZXT Phantom original

Basically Im looking for the best WATER AIO cooling for my I7-3770K because i have already built my rig and am using Corsair Vengeance RAM cause it was the cheapest 1600 MHz on sale :). I honestly have been trying to decide what to get and what I should be getting for an all in one water cooling solution. By the way I have the Original NZXT phantom case, and i love it but I have recently found that they spaced the pre drilled holes in a weird way. Couple of options so far are the Corsair hydro series H90, H100i or H110. I believe the Krakens will not fit in my case but I really want those. Anyway as little modding as possible would be great.

Specs (At least the important bits) are as follows:

CPU: I7-3770K
GPU: Sapphire Radeon 7970 Ghz Edition Vapor-x
RAM: Corsair Vengeance
Mobo: Asus Maximus V Formula
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  1. For the money, and big air cooler is a better deal, but if you need a water cooling solution for space, the H100i with 4 good fans on it is the best way to go.

    the reason those all in 1 water cooling kits aren't so great is that the pump has to be small, so that it will fit on the CPU, and be powered by the CPU fan plug. It's a plug meant to power a fan, powering a water pump... The best air solutions are currently the best cost/performance right now in good cooling that isn't an open liquid cooling loop. My Noctua is rated as 1 of the best air coolers out there, and I recommend it if you decide air. It is big though. (my temps are great with my cooler, I have stability issues at OC's any higher...)
  2. Well that would work if all I had to do was move my RAM to the next slots but to replace my RAM would be kind of overkill as I paid a decent amount for them and i think the money saved wouldn't be as great, also Im not planning no OCing anytime soon that much. Also what Ive read states that Air-cooling is better for lower lows but at full load don't compare to water cooling.

    Also if anyone has a Phantom it would be great to know if i really can use an X40 or X60 in my case. THey have the best cooling I've seen so far. along with the H110
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