New Power Supply Won't Work

I have recently bought a Cooler Master GTX 500watts for my computer so it can hold my new graphics card.
Although, i have tried installing it manually, plugged the motherboard cables, basically everything that needed to be plugged.
When i had finished doing it, i powered my PC up but it wouldn't activate, a green light on my motherboard would appear close to where the graphics card is, i tried pressing the button on my computer to turn it on multiple times, i have tried everything, plugging everything again but the PC wouldnt't just activate.
Has anyone ever experienced this? is just my motherboard just too weak to handle that power supply? My old power supply had 425watts so i doubt it.
If it helps, my motherboard is an ASUS F1A55-M LK R2.0,
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  1. Try removing the graphics card and try powering it on. Also, your new graphics card may require power connections. I am not a big fan of Cooler Master for power supplies, but you should get it to turn on.
  2. Then its a defective PSU
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    Cooler Master (except for some of their over 750w units) are generally rated pretty low. Take that one back and get a good Coursair, xfx, antek, etc.
  4. hmm, got it.
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