Is this new power supply good? will it fit in my computer?

this is the new power supply that i am looking to buy:

i don't know much about power supplies but i also want a cheap one (less than $50) that delivers a minimum of 450W to power a new GPU i'm buying (GTX 650 Ti BOOST)
i am also not sure if it will fit in my computer case because the dimensions for my current PSU is 150mm x 140mm x 86mm, but this new power supply's dimensions are 5mm bigger (its 150mm x 145mm x 86mm), please someone help because im really scared that if it fries, it might take the rest of my computer with it

if it helps, this is my computer:
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  1. Skimming out on the PSU is a bad decision. It is a very crucial part of your system. It is also arguably the most important part of your entire computer. A bad PSU can easily crap out and die. And not only will it die, it can also cause your other parts to die.

    Having said that, I don't know any good sub-$50 PSU. And your Apevia PSU is crap. Not trying to be mean here and if I disrespected you in any way, I apologize. It's not personal and not intentional. Just trying to inform you.
  2. Absolutely not! Apevia psu's are junk and should be avoided.

    The best I can do is the Corsair 500W. for $66 after shipping. The Canadian site is really sticking it to you with shipping.
  3. I missed the 450W Enerrmax that Newegg had for $45 with $10 shipping. That is a decent PSU. If you are up for other sites the Enermax is $5 cheaper

    NCIX is having a special that the Corsair CX750 is $50 after $20 MIR

    The XFX 450W is $50 at NCIX

    Best I could do with Canadian sites.
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