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Which combination of CPU and GPU is good enough, but not overkill, for gaming at 720p? Is an I3-3220 + HD 7790 good enough for playing most games on high setting?
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  1. The 7790 is more than enough for these settings for most games.
  2. I think that the i3 is a good choice, but for a GPU, an Nvidia GTX 650Ti Boost would be a better option because it has CUDA cores (which I prefer over OpenCL) and 2GB of GDDR5 rather than the 1GB on the 7790
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    Well at 720p I would say a 7790/650 ti boost is almost overkill. You probably could get away with a 7750/7770 or 650 (non-boost) with 1 Gig of GDDR5 and I'm assuming you were leaning toward AMD because of the sweet games deals they have been having.
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