Motherboard storage ?

Just a quick question, I am going to get this motherboard

This is a noob question but can I just install a HDD instead of a SSD. I know SSD are faster and recommened to install windows on but I am looking for mass storage like 2 or 3 TB. So my question is will this mother board take just a HDD? I am pretty sure it will just double checking before I buy. I think it gets hooked up to the SATA connection point but not sure which one.
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  1. TO answer you question, YES, no problem it will take HDD & SSD's

    what most people will do is buy a SSD and a HDD,

    use the SSD to run windows, programs and the most played games u have, then put everything else on HDD's as it's a lot cheaper to get the storage space u need.
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