Problems logging on to Windows XP

This problem started today, after I renewed my subscription to Advanced System Optimizer. When I start windows, I get a message that reads: Windows cannot find 'two small blank boxes'. Make sure you typed name correctly and try again. To search for a file, click the start button, and then click search. When you click OK it brings up another box that reads: Could not load or run 'two small blank boxes' specified in the registry. Make sure the file exists on your computer or remove the reference to it in the registry. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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  1. these box look like login and password box to accces your system.
  2. Scout_3

    Thanks for your reply. Do you know how to eliminate the messages without having to click on them two or three times?

  3. Run msconfig and see if you can find it in the list of startup programs, then disable it.
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