Noise/whine coming from speakers/headphones, Audio recording of the sound included

I don't know what is causing this sound. I have build my PC about 2.5 weeks ago.

Here is the download link to my recording of the sound with my speakers up all the way:

The sound is like a high pitch odd sound that lasts for about 10 seconds and then stops; then starts back up 10 seconds or so later. It doesn't seem to be linked with anything that I am doing either. I sat the log in screen for 6 minute and didn't hear anything until I finally logged into Windows, but it has no effect if I mute or lower the volume inside Windows.

I have a Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H motherboard and use the on board audio.
I've been thinking it may be some kind of interference. I redo the wiring in my case today, so is there any chance that the wires all touching like that could cause it? I don't know how it would be hardware though if it doesn't start until I log in.

I also have all the line-in and mic ports muted, so it can't be that.

There is also a very very unnoticeable noise that happens when I move my mouse and can only hear it on max volume with my ear up to the speaker; but I think they may be separate issues; but I wanted to post that just in-case it may be some how related.

I just can't figure out what this might be from, I am desperate for help.

Update: Once again checked log in screen and no sound. This system is a hackintosh as well so I booted into OS X and transferred files for 20 minutes. Heard not even a peep, so it has to be some setting in Windows itself that is causing this feedback.
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  1. Sounds like your speaker lines are picking up interference from the rest of your cord monster behind your desk. Isolate those wires.

    You probably don't have super fancy speakers I'd imagine.

    I know it's odd that it only does it under certain conditions, but I had a configuration once that would pick up hip hop stations only when I was using the internet in linux.
  2. I actually some how managed to fix this, just hadn't gotten here to update the post.

    I didn't mess with any of the wires and it had the same effect on my headset when plugged into the front of my PC case, I was thinking about how it was affected when I actually had Windows start up. So I tinkered around a bunch with the audio settings, combing through everything 20 times and doing trial and error, which didn't seem to work, I don't think. But I figured it was some setting that got activated on start up, so I went through the boot log and turned off/uninstalled somethings and it seemed to have stopped from doing that. I didn't touch any of the wires.

    I wish I charted all my attempts to fix it so I could offer advice if anyone else has this issue, but I was exhausted trying different things.
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