Problem With Graphics Card On ASUS M5A78LM L-X

ok, here are my pc specs:
mobo: ASUS M5A78LM L-X3
uP: AMD FX 6100 3.3Ghz black edition
ram: 2x8gb ddr3 1600
graphics: ati radeon 6670 gddr5 (1gb)
all the other components are onboard.
the hard drive is a sata of course, 280gb but i cant remember the rpms.
there is also a samsung sata dvd unit on.
the rest of the hardware (lan and sound) are onboard.

Now, the problem:
the pc shuts down for some reason usually after a while of playing Diablo 3. havent tryied anything else, just put it together, d3 was the 1st thing i installed. When this happens, the 6670's cooler will start speeding up a lot and i am not able to get any video signal from it nor the built in graphic controller. Also, this happenes once AFTER i played d3 and while watching youtube videos. the only way to solve this is to turn the power off, remove the 6670, reboot using internal graphics, selecting main graphics adapter in bios again, attaching 6670 again, restarting the system. This ALSO happened with my old xfx 9500. i thought it was busted, thats why i got the 6670 in the first place. My power source is an eurocase 550W. Maybe thats the problem? please help me i can't use my pc...
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  1. How hot is your GPU and CPU right before shut down? If you use on-board graphics even at lower settings and play d3, does it still shut down? Do you have at least 2 Fans on your case to get adequate air flow to you CPU and GPU? Could be your PS, do you have another to compare, even if you have to use on-board graphics? What are your idle temps too? You should run HWMonitor so you can track high and low temps on everything and your voltages too! ( free version is fine )
  2. thx, ill try that, and yes, if i use on board graphics i can play ("play") d3 and it wont shut down. imma try my 6670 on a friends comuter today, and sunday imma try his 500W PowerCooler PC on my computer, but i think monitoring and keeping record of the voltages and temperatures will help a lot. thx :D. actual prob is, i cant even turn on the comuter with the 6670 on atm. it wont start.
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