Computer turning off while playing League of Legends

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this post.

My computer has been shutting off only while playing league.

My specs:

Intel i5 2500k (not overclocked)
AsRock p67 extreme4
Corsair hx 750w PSU
EVGA GTX 560ti

I know that my CPU is not overheating with temps hovering around 40 just before shutting off. My GPU is also fine although I do not have exact numbers. Which leaves the motherboard, memory or PSU. How would I go about diagnosing said parts to see if any are faulty. I did perform a clean windows install this morning, due to my computer shutting down constantly last night. The problem persisted through a clean install.
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  1. You should try running the windows Ram test or at least run 1 stick at a time. Also run HWMonitor to give you high/low temps on everything including voltage. I assume you have NVidia's newest Driver. ( the free version works fine ).
  2. I'm working on running the the ram test. I downloaded HWMonitor which showed that my GPU was sitting around 60 degrees which was a lot higher than I originally anticipated after adjusting the fans I got that temp down to ~45 although one temp is still at 69. Ill try playing a game to see if this fixes the problem
  3. Just went through and did the memory test everything passed with zero errors. got the temps on my card handled yet the problem is still occuring. I'm installing another game to see if the problem persists with games other than league
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