AMD Catalyst is killing me. Eyefinity

I have 7970 msi lightning. Five 1200x1920 dell montitors and 1 newly bought cintiq 13 hd 1080x1920.

For the life of me i cant get eyefinity 5 with my normal monitors, which have been in eyefinity all year, and this cintiq to be on its own screen.

Things that I've done. Turned off all eyefinity and started from scratch making the groups. First thing that is wrong is that in the Catalyst it says cintiq is disabled. The device is working fine. I tested by unpluging every monitor but the cintiq and it works. But when i connect every monitor and restart my computer, the cintiq turns up as disabled.

I just don't know what to do its really pissing me off and im starting to hate AMD catalyst cause it gave me so much trouble when i first got my 5 monitors.

EDIT: ok so ive gotten 4 montitors in group 1 and the cintiq in group 2. Once i get this far the last monitor doesn't have a duplicate anymore. It only shows replace option. I need to duplicate it first before it lets to join them into eyefinity. Its like it doesn't support 6 monitors.
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  1. Yo that answer ain't funny at all.

    Anyways, the problem im having is the input types. My gpu has 4 mini DP, 2 DVI. Two monitors are connected via DVI. 3 are connected via min DP. all connections are native and are not converted. The cintiq however is using HDMi to mini DP.

    I think my problem is: The gpu only lets activate two of anything that is not mini DP at the same time. When i want to activate either the cintiq or second DVI, it asks if i want to replace a current monitor. It only shows two monitors to replace either the ones in DVI or the cintiq if im starting on the monitors.

    Do you think my solution will work? Getting an HDMI to DVI so that i can run 4 native mini DP and one native DVI and one HDMI to DVI.
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