PS3 + 360 + CM HAF 912 = PS360. Advice sought.

Just for the hell of it I'm thinking of disassembling my PS3 and Xbox 360 and combining the two into a Cooler Master HAF 912 case. I'm guessing someone somewhere has already done this or something similar. Any words of wisdom from modders who've had success in this department?

More specifically, would it be possible to power both units using a single PSU? And secondly, would the 912 suffice for this or is there another case that'd be more optimal for fitting all the components of these two consoles?

Thanks in advance.
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    i'd imagine a whole lot of case modding is involved in this. the case looks slightly smaller, if not equal in size (i suck at visual size scaling) to the HAF912, and both the PS3 & X360 aren't exactly a power hog, though that doesn't mean you should be careless and ignore an 80+ rated PSU.
  2. I'd leave them unless you're good at taking them apart, modding things, soldering, etc. Even in the above posted example, they didn't wire the PS3 to the computer PSU, they just use it to power the 360 and in that sense, it's even bigger than the 360 power brick would have been inside. lol. No way to turn the consoles on as you have to be able to rewire the touch sense buttons and even in that example, they have to open the system to eject a disc or turn on a system. More of a pain that turning the system on, and it would very hard to rewire those properly.
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