Overclocking the FX-6300 on an ASRock 970 Extreme3 questions.

Okay, so I know how you overclock the CPU multiplier and voltage. But what about the other settings? There's other stuff in the bios which I don't know how to deal with like NB Frequency Multiplier or CPU-NB Voltage.

I'm planning on overclocking it to 4.1 ghz and my RAM is at DDR3-1600 right now.
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  1. Anyone? I can't find any guides on overclocking with the ASRock 970 Extreme3.
  2. CannedBullets said:
    Anyone? I can't find any guides on overclocking with the ASRock 970 Extreme3.

    Hi there

    I have the Asrock 970 extreme 4 with the Fx 8120 8 core cpu.
    This cpu is stock 3.1ghz, i got it running without any problems on nearly 4.2ghz (yes all 8 cores active) :D
    What i would advise you, is to make sure you got decent cooling available as it is.
    I use a Seidon coolermaster m240 liquid cooler system, however the stock fan should be able to handle it too.

    All i did to clock it, (that's the beauty of the Asrock boards) is simple change my cpu frequency clock to 270mhz
    Now check your multiplier (which i did not touch no need to in my case)

    It's on 15.5x so you can up it 1ghz i am sure of. Do a simple calculation before hand to get the proper cpu frequency setting.

    In my case 15.5x270=4185mhz...it is that easy really. I assume you got the AsrockAXTU program too that came with your motherboard. Just clock it with that, saves you tons of bios edits and boots. Just clock it in windows with that tool, works just perfectly.

    I did a stress test with the OC settings, my cpu is not getting hotter then 48celcius under full load for a long period of time. Thanks to my cooler...

    Hopefully this helped..
  3. step 1: google "overclocking bulldozer guide."
    step 2: click first link.

    I used this guide to OC my FX 6300 and it was very helpful. Just remember to turn off your catalyst control center auto tune otherwise when you load into windows it will auto clock to the CPU's max turbo and negate your bios OC
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