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The latest BIOS update for the MSI Z68-GD65(G3) board lists these as the highlights...

- Enhanced PCI-E display card performance.
- Improved memory compatibility.

Does anyone know what specific gains are to the PCI-E performance?

Also, I would like to update it but it says to use a USB Pen drive only.Is it possible to just use the MSI Live update tool?

Here is the link to the download page
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  1. yes you should be able to upgrade your bios using the MSI tool, just beware if you have a crash or bluescreen while it's updating you may destroy your motherboard.

    at least do it from safe mode with networking.

    I would assume its minimal increase in performance and doubt you would be able to see any difference in benchmarking or gameplay for that fact. It may even relate to specific graphic cards only.
  2. Yeah I wanted to be more clear on the performance gain before I go ahead with it.Otherwise I'd just leave it alone.
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