is intel i3 good for gaming

i am currently havng core i3 2nd gen 2120 @3.30ghz is it good for gaming cuz i experience lag when i play NFS the Run,Far cry 3,most wanted2
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  1. yes that is very good for gaming.buddy which gpu you have?

    in gaming gpu is more more imp than cpu
  2. now i am currently having low profile graphic card (geforce 210) but ill be buying radeon hd6670 soon is 6670 a good graphic card for gaming
  3. A GeForce 210 is pretty weak, that's most likely why your graphics is laggy in such a demanding game as Far Cry 3.
  4. lol gt 210 is worst gpu.what screen resolution you game at?
  5. my monitor resolution is 1440x900 but i play @1280x720
  6. i suggest you to get hd 7750 1gb minimum and way faster than hd 6670
  7. dude my bufget is 100-110 usd thats y i choose hd6670 and my psu is 400w and hd7750 requires 450w psu
  8. no hd 7750 consumes less power than hd 6670,hd 7750 - 55w,hd 6670- 63w

    hd 7750 will be fine with your psu
  9. so u think its way better than 6670
  10. 25-30%faster than hd 6670
  11. thank you ashish :D
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