Best Gaming Mice within these or at the same price range

I want to buy a cool gaming mouse that should eb future proof and very comfortable to use for long hours. I also want the looks(the only reason I rejected steelseries sensei and kinzu). My choices include:
1. Roccat Kone Xtd
2. TT Esports black element gaming mouse cyclone edition
3. Roccat Savu
4. Roccat Kone Pure Core Performance
5. TT Esports Theron
6. Razer Deathadder 2013

Please let me know which one is best among these and suggest if there are any other options for approx 80 USD. I can't go above that much more...
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  1. Would you be willing to settle for the looks of the black edition deathadder? It isn't as flashy, but it's much better built than the normal one, and that's the only mouse on there that I would even consider.
  2. Just go for Tte sports. Its too good to be true.
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