ASUS HD 7770 DC display glitch and boot issues

Forgive me for a bit of a long one!

Just been doing an upgrade to my home build and have basically rebuilt from mobo up, only things I've kept are my BluRay drive and my case!

System comprises:
ASUS M5A78L-M (USB3) mobo
Patriot RAM 8Gb (1x 4Gb, 2x 2Gb)
AMD FX6100 Bulldozer CPU
3 HDD (C: 160Gb Maxtor, E: 2Tb Samsung, F: 3Tb Western Digital) SATA
ASUS HD 7770 DC Graphics card

I originally built this system with a feeble EVGA GT610 and then bought the new ASUS card to make use of my new system and bought the new PSU too to power the card as my old PSU didn't have the 6-pin connector and I didn't want to risk shorting as it was an old PSU

Installed new card and machine worked great... started playing Supreme Commander with full detail... really chuffed.

Then yesterday (had system running great for 2 weeks) I thought I'd try adding a second monitor, which worked great, so now using 2x 19" displays at 1280x1024 each.
Then i tried adding our small TV as a 3rd monitor just to see using the HDMI... sort of worked, but wouldn't output correct resolution. After a bit of faffing, decided to abort and forget about it and started playing Roller Coaster tycoon 3...

Suddenly I noticed some horizontal lines which flickered... then a pale blue screen not a bsod)... then it came back to normal. I carried on and a few mins later I got vertical lines (dark blue on a pale blue background). This would come and go every few minutes.

I tried wiggling and reconnecting the cables to the monitors... no effect.

After a bit of faffing with clock settings on the GPU (just to see if it made any difference) nothing really changed, so i thought I'd reinstall the Catalyst from website rather than the CD.

No difference. Incidentally, at this point 6 vertical stripes about 50pixels wide at equal spacing of reduced colour res appeared.

Windows lasted about 30secs before a bsod. Then went into a reboot loop not making it to the login screen.

Started in safe mode and it boots although the low res colour bands still present.
Uninstalled drivers completely and when reboots it goes into Windows normally and fully operational except its at 640x480 (basic VGA driver) and low res colour (think its 16bit).

Found another post on here suggesting using 12.3 version of catalyst... tried that... it boots to log in screen, but when goes into windows proper I just get a blank pale blue screen.

I have tried putting my old card back in and that works.

What I haven't tried yet is putting the HD 7770 in my old PC (ie all the parts I've upgraded from rebuilt) which is what I'm about to do.

I guess what I'm asking is is this Hard ware or a driver issue?

Any help appreciated.
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  1. Just setup on my other PC (old parts pre upgrade using a molex -> 6pin adapter)

    This setup is:

    Geforce6100SM-M2 mobo
    Athlon XP Dual core 4400
    3Gb RAM (1x 1Gb, 1x 2Gb)
    2x HDD (C: 400Gb Hitachi Deskstar, E: 80Gb Seagate)
    DVD RW Lite On
    PSU Enlite 300W (OLD!)

    Exactly same issue: after installation od drivers and reboot it won't boot into Windows (this has XP SP3, new build has 7) and also is showing the vertical bands described in other post.

    Think this is card related!
  2. I sent the card back and have a replacement, although in the meantime I have had a few issues with the onboard graphics too... including reboot cycles, hanging, etc... it will boot in safe mode, but the second I do anything more than copy a file, it bsods or just hangs.

    After some more searching I think I may have found an issue in that my motherboard's pcie x16 slot is not a version 2.0 or higher (or at least it doesn't mention being 2.0 or higher), which would mean it's architecture is different and whilst Nvidia card are less efficient, they seem to be truely backward compatible, whereas radeon cards are only backward compatible to pcie 2.0.

    I suspect the card has drawn too much current from the slot and blown something on the motherboard too.

    So now looking for a new mobo too!
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