Is Windows 7 Ultimate worth it?

I recently bought my new gaming rig and I am looking for an operating system. Is Windows 7 Ultimate worth the money or is it just as good as Professional?
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  1. Neither for performance windows-8
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    That depends on the features you need: The core and the performance are always the same.
  3. Thanks Guys! I think i'll just get ultimate feature wise, it is on sale at my local pc store for 159.95 so yeah. also ur6beersaway I've got a 256gb ssd that I'm going to stick windows 8 on so it should be quick! ;)
  4. Like noidea said, it depends on the features you need. If you're just going to use it in a home environment, you'll probably be fine with Home Premium. If you wish to use the computer in a domain, you should take Professional.
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