New Computer Build! Help Needed!

Okay, so basically I'm looking to build a new computer for as cheap as possible ..if possible.

At the moment I'm on - AMD 7770 Radeon 1gb - Intel Core 2 Duo - 4gb 2x2gb Ram OCZ - p5Q pro moby - Cooler Master 500w PSU.

I play, Guild Wars 2 mainly along with WoW (which runs beautifully), Skyrim, Mirror's Edge. However I'd really like to be able to play games like Bioshock Infinite, Crysis 3 etc etc Preferably with some nice eye candy. I'm not hoping for ultra on Crysis 3 medium/high would be nice though. However I'd settle for medium. I am currently running a 2048x1536 Samsung Monitor. The resolution is killing me gaming wise as my 7770 can't keep up unless it's another part of my computer! I recently purchased Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 for my computer and it runs really well apart from if I encounter smoke or lots of foliage. I'm wondering if perhaps my CPU is the problem?

So if any of you computer guru's would like to lend me a hand - Either by just telling me what I could possibly upgrade or is it worth just going for a whole new build. My Budget really is about £500 but I will probably sell the spare moby i have and the two graphic cards I have. Cheers for any help! :D
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  1. Well that is a big resolution for your system and its the reason why you are having trouble.

    What you could do is buy a new monitor and new GPU with your budget, you won't be able to build anything substantially better than you have now for 500, and down the road if you upgrade your "guts" you can still use the GPU.


    Maybe pick up a CPU cooler like the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO and overclock your CPU to get some more performance.
  2. Well, you have some options here.

    1. You could just bump your resolution down and see what you get.

    2. You could buy a better GPU and put it in and see what you get.
    (Free tomb raider and Bioshock too!)

    3. You could do a whole system upgrade (mobo, cpu, and GPU).

    Personally, I would do this in order. If you can get away without spending money, then do it. If not, upgrade your GPU to a 7850 or 7870 and see how that works. If you don't like where you are there, buy a new CPU and mobo.

    Hope this helps.
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    IMO you are at the point where you need to go with a new build. You're pretty limited with the 775 socket, and your psu is close.

    For example, reusing your psu, cd/dvd, case:

    If you prefer radeon cards, substitute the HD7850 (within about $10 more).

    Any money you get for your odds and ends I would earmark towards a solid psu such as corsair, antec, seasonic. The thermaltake may be rated at 500w, but I think that may be wishful thinking.

  4. Cheers guys I have another question, I'm pretty sure my PSU isn't putting out it's supposed 500w as stated by mark. On some games I will be playing for about 20 minutes and it cuts out and a windows error bubble comes up by the time/date etc saying something was disconnected. However this hasn't happened in awhile now.

    I'm liking the responses so far, but I'm a tad confused. Is my CPU fine for most current games or would it need an upgrade? If I upgrade the graphics card would my cpu restrict it at any point? Thanks again :D

    Thanks for the graphics cards link btw only problem is I'm restricted to 2.0 pci slot for G-Card
  5. It could be your power supply, or it could be a temperature issue. Are you using the stock intel CPU cooler? If you don't build new, I would recommend buying some thermal paste, and cleaning the CPU and reapply.

    I think your build right now would be ok at a much lower resolution, you are asking a lot from a C2D and HD7770. Upgrading the GPU would help, and you will see better performance, but your CPU will be holding it back. markwp posted a good build for you to look at, but just don't expect to be running games on very high settings.
  6. I really think you would be better off with a new build. I tend to be very cautious with psu's and I am just uncomfortable with some brands.

    I also agree that your resolution is way to high - try 1366x768 or 1600x900 and then fuss with the quality settings.

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