How to Connect Xigmatek Fan to Hyper 212 EVO Heat-sink?

I have Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler
and I buy Xigmatek Cooling Fan CLF-F1254 and I want to use this Fan with Hyper 212 EVO Heat-sink?

I Tried and failed :(

Here some Pictures for me Trying to connect the 4 Screws that come with Xigmatek Fan

here is 4 screws that come with this fan

Like you see.. these Screws that come with Xigmatek Fan do not Fit the Fans 4 holes?
If I Continue I will break the Plastic?

I end like this :(

then I tryed the Screws that come with Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
and I get the same problem .. they did not Fit Good

Please Help :(
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  1. you could try using some rubber fan plugs/screws

    some thing like these
  2. were can i buy these what is there name?!
  3. newegg sells something similar


    most computer stores should sell them either as rubber fan mounts/screws or anti vibration
  4. I can not use site because i am outside US and i am from other country

    some body give me great clue to use the 3M Scotch Heavy Duty Mounting Tape

    I can found it in lots of places
  5. Best answer
    not sure what country your in but go to a local computer site in your country and do a search for rubber fan mounts
  6. And just for future reference, those grub screws are normal fan screws - they're self-tapping, so they're designed to cut into the plastic as you screw them in for the first time. It shouldn't take much force, and certainly shouldn't damage the rest of the fan.
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