HD 7750 doesnt work in Safe Mode Windows 8

Hello Everyone,

I am having a serious issue and need some help.

I wanted to do a system restore last night on my machine, it ran and the said that it was unsuccessful due to an "unspecified error".
It said that nothing was changed on my machine and that this error could be caused by an issue with my C drive and that I should run chkdsk and try system restore again or try it in safe mode.

I booted into safe mode once and my monitor wouldnt display anything.
So, I held power button and rebooted and it booted up fine.
Tried it again in safe made and same thing, so powered down and turned PC back on and it booted fine.

So I did some more research about why System Restore wasnt working and booted into safe mode again.
Well, I booted into safe mode using msconfig and setting it to boot into safe mode.
The problem is, I am not getting a signal out from my video card to my monitor once it is in safe mode and because it is set to boot into safe mode everytime I cannot get my monitor working.

My monitor is connected via DVI, so I tried using VGA and no signal.
Tried HDMI and no signal.
After some research, I am thinking for whatever reason my video card isnt working while the machine is in Safe Mode.

My problem is, I cant run msconfig again and turn safe mode off without a monitor.

So, I am really stuck right now and starting to a panic a little bit.

How can I get my PC to boot without going into safe mode if I have no video signal?
Does anyone know a work around?

The only solution I have come up with, but cant try until I get home from work, is to shut down my PC and swap out the HD 7750 video card for the GEforce GT620 that came with it when I bought it.
Then, I can hopefully get a signal out to my montior and run msconfig to disable booting into Safe Mode autotmatically.

Please help

Here is my machine info:


Here is my video card info:

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  1. Remove the HD7750 and use your integrated video to make the adjustments.
  2. COLGeek said:
    Remove the HD7750 and use your integrated video to make the adjustments.

    So, dont even bother with installing the GEforce GT620?
    Just try booting it with no graphics card installed?
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