Best settings for my RAM timings?

So I got some of these Kingston value rams in my rig and it seems I can fiddle with the timings in my bios, The current configuration is:

The speed: 1600mhz.

Current Voltage : 1.5V

CL-TRCD-TRP-TRAS : 11-11-11-28

So for A little fun I decided to try playing with my ram speed, so Can anyone give me a good stable configuration i can try for my ram?
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  1. The ones on the packaging sticker would be my recommendation..... at least until ya done overclocking CPU and GPU to your liking. After that, I'd suggest the manufacturer's web site support forum as these numbers are very manufacturer and model line specific.
  2. read according JEDEC CPU-z , that Kingstone more safely ran at default , setting value RAM is hard, and easy unstable or damage
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