Uninstalled Windows 8, re-imaged Windows 7, and now I am having driver/firmware issues

Recently I purchased a Toshiba Qosmio X875-7380 complete with Windows 8 x64 Home. After giving Windows 8 a "junior college try" I decided to install Windows 7 x64 Home after a complete wipe. So upon the installation of Windows 7 I reaize that I am having issues with the firmware on some of the hardware that is still setup for Windows 8. No problem so I start there. I downgraded my bios to a windows 7 bios and downloaded the corresponding drivers for the hardware. Without resolution I am still having problems trying to acquire and/or get the wireless driver to work without getting a "You must run windows 8 software" error message. This is also the same for the network adapter, and chipset drivers on the system. Has anyone has this issue? What can I do to resolve this situation?
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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_8_editions

    No such thing as Windows 8 Home Edition.
  2. this is how MS stops you from "downgrading" to windows 7, and why pc sales are plunging. they learned their lesson with Vista, and are hellbent to create an apple style "walled garden" inside the windows ecosystem (which is one of two reasons for win8 metro, the other being the tablet market... but in the end most people overlook the fact, that metro is designed to bring a walled garden to windows).

    chances are you're missing firmware "downgrades"... and certain parts might only have windows 8 drivers... so you might have to replace them. what specifically is wrong is complicated by that root level infestation into your system by win8 (all the way into the bios)

    assuming you removed win 8 "properly" and installed win 7, then the problem is most assuredly on the hardware side of things.

    a friend of mine got a laptop with win8 on it and hated it. but after a quick web search i saw parts of it didn't have win7 drivers... so he was stuck. i had to install classic shell to fix most of the problem, and he's generally happy. but it just highlights the headache of removing win8
  3. They don't have most of the 7 drivers.
  4. Reinstall 8


    Then install this ^
  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Reinstall 8


    Then install this ^

    Is that the win 7 shell or themed desktop that people have been using for win 8?
  6. Yes , i use the $5.00 Stardock version and it works great.

  7. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Yes , i use the $5.00 Stardock version and it works great.


    classic shell works fine and it's free.
  8. Thanks guys for your help. I have resolved most of my issues without having to revert back to win 8. I still have 2 errors in device manager. One for USB controller code 28 (drivers not installed) and the other for "intelR hm76 express chip set PLC controller 1E59 code 28 as well. Any clue where I can find these drivers besides Toshiba or Intel?
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