Clean Install Can No Longer find Secondary HDD in Windows Explorer

I have had to do a clean install as i have upgraded my motherboard and didnt realise the difficulties of doing so until afterward, this doesnt matter as everything is now fine except i cant work out how to get to my secondary HDD, it shows up in device manager, also says it has correct up to date drivers, any help? Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. simple. windows is treating it like it's a system disk for a different operating system, and hiding it from you to "protect" it from you. It will also hide it from you if it's empty (strange default behavior but there it is)

    type "disk management" into your search bar in the start menu, you should see the hd there. depending on why windows is hiding it from you what you do next will differ.

    if its hidden because its empty or unformated, you can format the drive or assign it a letter and include it in the windows system.

    if its hidden because it's part of a different OS, you can tell it to access that disk and include it in this OS.

    either way i find the "disk management" utility to be pretty intuitive so you should be able to figure out the problem pretty fast. Its also cool because you can reasign drive letters in there... which i think is a cool feature.
  2. Thanks ingtar, that was very simple, just needed to be pointed in the right direction, its been a while since i have had to do anything hard drive management related.

    Once again, thanks. :)
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