*Urgent* power cables for gpu problem while building

Im building my computer and i noticed my psu cables are different than the ones i need on the video card. I have no idea how to connect the power cables to my video card. Their arent enough pins in the pcie cable i got. This is my first build and im really flusetered, thanks for any help.
Here are pictures:
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  1. you are good to go...your card needs 2 6-pin connectors. The one you are holding in your hand is a molex to 6 pin adaptor. Your psu should have at least one more 6 pin on it as well. You just plug both into the card. What psu do you have?
  2. In the manual it says 6+2 pin PCI-e. You need those. You can detach the 2 pin part.
  3. i have an antec hcg 620m. So i need to use both of the 6 pins? Does it matter where i connect them into my psu? It has 2 black ports for hdd and 4 more red ones for hdd/pci-e? Also this is off topic but how do i tell teh polarity of the hdd led, reset button, etc that plug into the motherboard from the front?
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    Yep, both 6 pins (and like thomas said on a 6+2 pin just use the six).

    As for your other question. The wires coming from the front ports/power should have a + or -, or a "pos" or "neg" (do your wires not have this?). Look in your motherboard manual to see which pin to connect them to.
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